The most spectacular BMX crash of all time.


There are thousands of BMX videos online, catering to the craze that started in San Diego, California nearly 40 years ago. The favorite video of BMX fans is about an astonishing crash, a painful execution by a cyclist, while flying in the air or an inch thick bar racing.

The most spectacular BMX crashes of all time are usually evidence that the titles of the best BMX videos of the year and the backyards of the people usually go to an amateur.

However, some of these are true and false, and the video captured by professionals is even more amazing because they crashed in front of the crowd.

2009 Chicago Dew

During the 2009 Chicago Dew Tour, Chad Cage crashed while trying to do a double talent. It was Kevin Robinson’s first performance during the Tenth Games in 2006. The Internet is full of videos played from different angles. Earlier this year, in July, Sebastian Keep was dropped by Nike 6.0 Bcn Bmx Pro due to a chaotic air season. A fan site did a slow-motion repetitive crash, and it looked quite shocking.

Then there was a video of Blake Fox’s pretty crashing video in Gusto, Oklahoma, and Richgate tripping on the tin part of the starting line. There was Bilny’s accidental collision in Rebein and the fantastic Latvian collapse, causing a bunch of them in the middle of the track.

X Game and Dew Journey are only two of the many competing platforms for BMX drivers. As professional players like Mark Webber or Garrett Reynolds can attest, anyone who wants to reach the height of this sport has no reason. Reach the height of this sport without a lot of leakage.

Whether a BMX disciple wants to go to the street, wit, trail, park or flatland branch of this sport, there are almost infinite styles, and the ways that he can perform it to discover his own skills. When he finds out about him, he can amusement other Bmx followers by putting his attempts on the Internet.

One last word of warning

Dew Journey, recently, frightened many BMX enthusiasts. When TJ Lavin, an MTV host, and BMX crashed, he tried to perform a nac-nac and fell into a coma. He was in the housing estate, and he was on a tight road to recovery. But many people were not lucky. That is, 17-year-old Luke Esgate, who was riding a horse with his friends, flew down from a team ramp in Albany Park and landed on his head. His death was unpleasant to many people.

But there is no doubt that it’s thrilling to watch the spectacular, heart-stopping BMX track, and the devil will continue to provide more BMX videos for fans to enjoy.

The most spectacular BMX crash of all time.
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