Race your way into a carefully planned Nascar party!


Planning your Nazca party can be a challenge. We provide tips and tricks to help you plan your next accelerated party!

“Start the engine… It’s time to join your own Nazca party! Welcome your guests to participate in the competition and display the Nazca banner with the shackles on it. All racing fans are welcome. Decorated with a few balloons or flags Hanging at the front door of the party venue, guests will be able to get to the party without any trouble.

NASCAR Racing Experience

You will want to include everything about racing in this party, so learn about NASCAR racers, cars, winners, and official sponsors of NASCAR. Make sure there are many cars decorated with racing cars to make your guests feel good. Add some games and activities to keep your guests busy racing. There are so many small toy cars for kids to play at your party; you can pick up flat wheels or matchbox cars, remote control toy cars, pull-back cars, large plastic cars, ride cars and more. Buy a few NASCAR coloring books, or print a few racing color pages from the Internet, and build a coloring company for your little fans.

Off To The Races

Look for life-size cutouts or posters of your favorite driver, such as Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, or Jimmy Johnson. Use photos to decorate, and use them for a great background at the party. Be sure to add some official snacks from NASCAR (or the sponsor’s driver), too-Xiao Dai has a snack cake sponsor Marcos Ambrose, Jeff Gordon is sponsored by Pepsi, and Jimmy Johnson partnered with Gatorade , Just to name a few.

Remember, when hosting any kind of party, it should be all about fun. Don’t emphasize that there is a timetable, and stick to it, as long as everyone has fun, it is the most important thing!

Race your way into a carefully planned Nascar party!
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